I sing in a few different bands and projects. I never really learned how to play an instrument although I did get some guitar lessions in 2012 or so. I can play a few chords but not by far good enough to play a whole song.

So singing it is. Both clean and harsh, grunts and screams. Since 2005 I'm the singer of KFFR and since 2017 I'm also the vocalist of the Copy-Rats. Where we'll mostly do originals with KFFR we'll just do Metal covers with the Rats.
In 2018 I joined Black Metal group Ondergang for which I recorded vocals in October 2021.

In 2021/2022 I tried to soundproof our attic so I can sing there. Especially with the coronavirus spreading around I found it hard to find a good place to sing whenever I wanted to. So by soundproofing that room I now can sing at home and in the evenings while not waking-up both our children and those of our neighbours. I bought a second-hand RĂ˜DE NT1a microphone and a Steinberg UR12 usb-interface so I can record some stuff at home. Nothing too fancy but maybe some collaborations and/or cover songs.

TitanBP - Sexual Addictions (single, 2022)
KFFR - Diabolical Revolution (2020)
Mutator - Karma (one song demo, 2016)
KFFR - The Ultimate Pain Experience (demo, 2011)

More to come ;-)