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Voiceover / Singer


Picture of me

Hi my name is Michel Hoogervorst, a bilingual (English and Dutch) voice actor and singer from the Netherlands. Let me introduce myself in this video.

Need a voice for your project?

Whether you need a voice for your explainer video, the voice of a scary monster or some stellar vocals for your song or score, I'm your guy!

In my home studio I record using a Neumann TLM 102 or Synco Mic-D2 microphone, depending on the type of vocals. I use a Steinberg UR12 interface and a Macbook with Reaper to record and edit.

If you're unsure if I'm a match for your project, just send me a message. I'd be happy to record you a custom sample .

What do you sound like?

Below are some demos in English and Dutch.

English demos

Sizzle reel:

Narration demo:

Dutch demos

Sizzle reel:

Narration demo:

What services do you offer?

I will deliver a high quality recording up to 24-bit 192kHz WAV from my home studio and will cleanup the audio. If you want I can have your script translated from Dutch, English and German to English or Dutch by a professional translator. I can timesync the audio to a video if you wish.

Need vocals for your song or score?

For many years I have been singing in several rock/metal bands and projects. I can sing both clean and harsh and can deliver a deep growl. From my home studio I can deliver those vocals to you.

How to get in touch

Mail me:

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